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Thank you for visiting the once-great bastion of both objective and opinionated resources for people with minds of their own. With great sadness, we accept that NAEPALM Industries has succumbed to the fact there are only 168 hours in a week, and that is not enough time for us to provide for our families while also presenting useful content to the precious few free thinkers who continue to exist in the world at large.

We are hopeful, as ever, that a solar windfall may allow us to refill our digital sails, and if such an event were to transpire, you can rest assured that this temple to individuality, quality, utility and progress will be rebuilt in a new incarnation suited to the virtual world of the moment.

Until then... think of our indefinite hiatus as a perpetual state of being under construction.

Stu Marshall can be reached via the website for his current project Death Dealer, as well as through his collaborative epic Empires of Eden.

Unfortunately, Dave Ferguson decided to close down his Activist portal due to abuse and exploitation from the very musicians he was trying to help.

To contact Gun Arvidssen, please use the address below (which is not a link, but an image intended to confound robots). Hardcopies of Purgatory are still available for purchase via PayPal and an ebook version is now available from Smashwords in a range of formats.

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