Make the best impression possible.

Do you want your message to be as irresistible as the stories in a glossy magazine? If so, then this is a goal I can definitely help you achieve. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked on almost 50 such titles, and I was specifically hired to polish those publications to an exceptional standard that would make them fly off the shelves.

Despite the prevalence of multimedia content online, and without diminishing the visual importance of images and eye-catching design, the overwhelming majority of information -- both online and in print -- continues to be conveyed through words. Even readers who themselves are not aficionados of spelling or syntax tend to perceive expertly written and easy-to-read copy as being authoritative and valuable.

And that’s why the services of a top-notch wordsmith can make such a meaningful difference.

I can help you win with words.

There are countless ways in which I apply my love of writing to help people craft an unforgettable message. For the sake of brevity, I’ve listed only five of them here.

»Writing, editing and proofreading ebooks, websites, blog posts and printed material
»Researching and writing feature articles in a diverse variety of styles and subjects
»Developing press releases, advertorials, one-sheets and similar promotional material
»Overhauling Wikipedia pages, as well as writing them from scratch
»Ghostwriting speeches, reflective articles and essays

Give people a reason to take you seriously.

The vital importance of credibility cannot be overstated -- and it can be exceedingly difficult to win back once you’ve blown it. The product or service you offer may be incredibly desirable, but if your description of it is full of spelling errors, or it is frustrating and confusing to read, you might as well be trying to sell diamonds packaged in bags of compost.

Here are two examples of what I mean.

An expensive mistake

I don’t know about you, but if I was forking out $300 per hour, I’d be mighty pissed to find errors in the copy for that price. If someone is careless enough to leave a typo in their own promotional material, how can you trust them with yours?

Example of branding errors

While I have the utmost respect for ambition and eagerness, I suspect that getting only one out of three trademarks letter-perfect -- the first two being Coca-Cola and iPhone 6 -- might not be the most reliable path towards ‘those big jobs’.
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A sample of the quality you can expect.

The images below illustrate the typical process of correcting text that is destined to be published online. For samples of previous work that I have written from scratch, please visit my Portfolio.

Before editing

Before editing

At first glance, it doesn’t look too bad. There are no egregious spelling errors, and the meaning of each blurb is reasonably clear.

In progress

In progress

Giving the page more than a cursory look-over reveals many small ways in which it could be improved: for example, why does Junald’s name change to Jamir?

Proofing completed

The final product

After editing, the descriptions are sleek and consistent, and in addition to the typographical corrections, the shape of the copy on the page is a little easier on the eye. The right-hand margins are slightly less ragged, and the difference in length between the last two blurbs has been reduced to one line. The page’s aesthetics reinforce the impression that we are being introduced to professional businesspeople, without the faintest insinuation they might be nerds in a garage, as Jobs and Wozniak admittedly once were.
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Elevate your story to new heights.

The bottom line is this: if all you need is a hotshot copywriter tripping over themselves to persuade you of how good they are at ‘blowing socks off’ and other clichés, then you are spoilt for choice. There are many worthy individuals all over the internet who will adequately supply you with whizz-bang-pfft verbal fireworks.

However, if you want words that are bursting with light, like fiery dandelion heads against a dark firmament of mediocrity... if you yearn for copy that is as streamlined and seamless as the skin of a record-breaking aircraft... then you’ve come to the right place.
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