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You would be justified in wondering why I have a page where people can donate to my cause, when I also have so many recommendations to make about how to succeed in life. Surely if I knew so much about success, my first step would be to secure myself financially? And if I am indeed already secure, then is asking for donations not an exercise in greed?

The simple answer to these questions is that like you -- presumably -- Iím struggling to make sense of life, and arriving at conclusions worth sharing takes a lot of mistakes, breakdowns and tough decisions. I have a great deal of meaningful information to offer -- and this information can be used as currency to purchase your way into a better life.

However, I do not believe in holding information to ransom. Therefore, in some respects, the ideas, techniques and exercises I disperse into the virtual world are similar to the music of a public performance artist. If these songs bring moments of happiness to people passing by, they might throw some money into the musicianís guitar case to symbolise their appreciation.

I would like to think Iím making better choices now. I would like to think the help I offer might translate to a dollar value for some people. If you decide to quantify my value in your life using economic terms, please click the button on this page. If you would prefer to receive a product -- virtual though it may be -- for your investment, please visit my Sellfy store for guided visualisation exercises that might benefit you or someone you know.

My sincerest thanks and kindest wishes to you, traveller of the virtual world. As always, I hope there is a star shining brightly over you right now.

-- Kuze hideo

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