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Privacy head

My general approach is to treat any personal information you submit respectfully, and to take reasonable precautions against it being exploited by third parties. I am not here to cause harm, but in order to fulfil my objectives, there is often utility in reproducing the words of others. Before submitting any feedback, though, please familiarise yourself with what will happen to it upon transmission.

Although this site is not of a specifically adult (i.e. pornographic) nature, it is replete with profanity and discussions that may not be suitable for children. That said, nothing I say is likely to do any active damage, in an objective sense: therefore, I leave the question of suitability up to the judgement of the individual (or, worse luck, their legal guardians where applicable).

I invite and welcome thoughtful criticism and feedback, and I am keen to act on any requests for assistance that I may encounter. Therefore, constructive correspondence will be replied to or addressed, depending on whether you contact me anonymously or make it clear that you are happy for me to include some identifying feature (including but not limited to a first name or callsign) in my reply.

I will use any sufficiently thought-provoking enquiries as subject material for the FAQ section, although by default your anonymity will be maintained. If you contact me by email or PM, then I will assume you have no objection to me using your correspondence as the impetus for a discussion that may be helpful to other visitors, too. If you would prefer the contents of your transmission to remain private, please make this clear and I shall respect your wishes.

Any material that you submit may be edited for brevity, but it is not my usual practice to correct spelling and so forth, unless this is vital for the purpose of clarity. If I have published any material that you have submitted and you decide, at a later date, that you would like it to be removed or amended, simply contact me and I shall happily comply with your request.

You should be aware, however, that I frame content from Blogger and YouTube which is supported on those third-party sites. Therefore, if commenting on a blog or status post, consider your input to be affected by those sitesí privacy policies in addition to my own.

I use a few basic scripts on this site, but apart from collecting statistics related to the number of unique visitors and so forth, I have not included any software that collects personally identifying information about you. Also, while I have nothing against cookies in principle, I donít really use them in this site, with the exception of the captcha on the contact page. I imagine the third-party software I use may contain cookies, although technically, these are stored on remote server space, not my own. If you are paranoid enough to care, please check those sitesí privacy policies.

One last point. If you are overtly trolling or generally making a nuisance of yourself, or if your transmission can be interpreted by a reasonable adult as being sexist, abusive, derogatory, hateful, xenophobic, etc, etc, etc, you risk being ridiculed mercilessly to the entire length and breadth of the net. Normally, reacting to bullshit from ignorant endoparasites is below me, but if I have some good reason to make an example out of you, then there is a high probability that I will.

Consider yourself warned.

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